Not in my top 11

The Chicago Tribune recently published a neat article on the 11 best nachos in the city of Chicago. Naturally, I read through the article quickly and pinpointed the spots I hadn’t visited yet. Tuco and Blondie was first on my list (largely due to being in a convenient location for both General Cheese and me).

I haven’t been disappointed by nachos in a long time, and these nachos disappointed me. They’re assembled in a manner that has some of every ingredient piled on each chip. In theory, this can be neat, but the result was approximately 12 SUPER overloaded chips that had a poor balance of flavors. Fortunately, there was a basket of tortilla chips on our table, so we quickly disassembled the nachos and were able to enjoy them at our convenience. Overall, very tasty (because nachos) but I wouldn’t go out of my way to go back.


By NachoMomma

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