Sheet Nachos

Three-cheese blend, black beans, tomatoes, chopped jalapenos, red onions, sour cream, cilantro & avocado creama. Chicken was an add-on.

Overall these nachos were pretty average. There was a good balance of cheese and other toppings. With lots of bean and chicken this was a pretty substantial meal.

The stand out feature to me was the avocado creama. Mixed with the salsa those two toppings were amazing.

Meat: 2/5 – The chicken was cubed, not sure if it was spiced at all. It didn’t have much flavor.

Other ingredients: 4/5 – The non-meat ingredients were pretty good and like I said above the salsa and avocado creama were amazing.

Chips: 4/5 – Crisp but nothing special.

Architecture: 5/5 – Sheet nachos is probably my favorite way this meal gets served since every chip has lots of toppings

Value: 4/5 – With the chicken add-on this was $15. While that is expensive for nachos, I consider this a full meal for at least 2 people, maybe as many as 4 while out drinking.

The It Factor: 4/5 This plate is huge and impressive looking

Alex b

By Alex b

Nacho Lover

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