March Madness Nachos

I ordered the Double Layered Baked Nachos at Fat Pour. These nachos can feed the entire table. They are huge. There are two layers of toppings and many layers of chips. The cheese is delicious and it comes with a delicious smokey salsa. I would order these again with a larger group.

Ingredients 5 – The cheese and salsa were very good. Maybe a few too many Jalapenos

Chips 5 – Very crisp and no sogginess to the very end. We were left with lots of uneaten chips.

Architecture 3 – They are called double layer nachos and there was more than one layer but the chips to toppings ratio was off.

Value 5 – While these were on the high end for a plate of nachos it could have fed 4 – 6 people who were just out for drinks.

The It Factor 5 – These came to the table and looked awesome with the spicy beer queso drizzled all over it.

Alex b

By Alex b

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