Smoke Daddy delivers joy

Last week, General Cheese and I found ourselves face to face with this plate of pulled pork nachos delivered from Smoke Daddy. Nachos pictured. Happy souls resulting from nachos not pictured.

To start bringing some order to our nacho reviews, we devised the following rating scale with each category rated on a 1-5 scale. 1 = an utter disappointment, 5 = a cause for celebration.

Meat: 5 – Smoke Daddy dominates at pulled pork

Other ingredients: 4 – all fantastic, but not quite as good as the pulled pork

Chips: 3 – Really solid, but nothing to write home about

Architecture: 4 – Almost every chip had adequate toppings, and stood up well to being delivered (no soggy chips!)

Value: 4 – At approximately $12 for the plate, this was a great dinner for two with some leftover for site creator Alex b’s late night snack.

The It Factor: 5 – These nachos felt like they should be famous


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